East Block


BrainPaint is a project about turning your thoughts into reality. Generate art by visualizing a goal or a dream you want to achieve. Watch your brain activity reflect your thoughts and change to high theta, a state associated with daydreaming, intuition and creativity. By visualizing your thoughts, the piece serves as a call-to-action to create your dreams. That anyone can create what's on their mind. This is the first piece in a series of explorations on brain art interfaces, enabling anyone to interact with art through their minds.

Grace is a tech entrepreneur and artist exploring the intersection of creative production and impactful creation. She is best known for creating Lean Startup Machine, a global entrepreneurship workshop in 150+ cities. She has helped thousands of people turn their ideas into impactful new businesses, been a guest speaker at The U.S. White House, a guest lecturer at Singularity University, and continues to shape the future of innovation as Co-Founder of and Entrepreneurship Lead of World Economic Forum's Global Shapers. She has traveled the world helping others achieve what they thought was not possible. Now, with a global view on the barriers to human potential, she creates art to raise awareness of the subconscious and further unleash human possibilities. As an artist, Grace develops interactive experiences that elevate consciousness and empower action using cutting edge technologies like brainwaves, virtual reality, and machine learning. BrainPaint is the first in her series of brain art interfaces where she demonstrates the power of the mind to turn thoughts into reality. Within a month of its debut, it was featured at Gray Area, UploadVR, and East Meets West. She believes anyone can be a creator and, through her work, hopes to inspire others to live creative, impactful lives.