East Block


In partnership with Organisation of Illustrators Council, Tilt Brush - powered by HTC Vive and Lenovo, paint in a 3D space through virtual reality. Unleash your creativity with three-dimensional brush strokes, stars, light, and even fire. Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

A virtual rugby experience, first shown at the Hong Kong 7s in 2017, created by Fuse at iris Worldwide allowing you to take your place on the field and compete for the highest score.

Instagram: @paynk
PAYNK is an illustrator and installation artist who draws her inspiration from the female form and nature. Curious circumstances and strange encounters and pink are her favourite colours.

Alfonsus Wong
Instagram: @alphonsy
Alfonsus is a visual artist, illustrator and crazy toy collector. His work deals with animal imagery, spun into narratives to illustrate things he finds true about the human condition

Adeline Tan (Mightyellow)
Facebook: themightyellow
Instagram: @yell0w
Introduction: Adeline Tan aka mightyellow is an illustrator and visual artist based in Singapore. Taking inspiration from her surroundings and popular culture, her works are often a juxtaposition of elements pulled from personal experiences and past memories, creating imagined alternate endings to existing conditions.

Lee Xin Li
Facebook: PokPokAway
Instagram: @xinli29288
Lee Xin Li is an illustrator working at DP Architects. The avid Tin Tin fan often draws inspiration from the surroundings he grew up in such as the food, the architecture, changing landscapes and childhood memories.

Andre Wee
Instagram: @andre_wee 
André Wee is a 3D world builder, illustrator and visual artist who graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, RISD (USA). Apart from sketching and digital sculpting, Andre enjoys looking at and occasionally making terrariums in his free time. He hopes to one day construct one that will actually last longer than a week!

Artist Sessions:
12pm Andre Wee
2pm Alfonsus Wong
4pm Adeline Lee
8pm Lee Xin Li

*Each session lasts 30 minutes

MeshMinds is producing Singapore's first creative innovation lab focused on Art x Technology for Good:

After four months of learning about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D Printing and Internet of Things, our homegrown Artists will participate in a collaborative showcase of immersive and interactive art at ArtScience Museum opening on 25th January 2018. Our Artists will use Tilt Brush and Blocks by Google to produce installations powered by HTC Vive and Lenovo that visitors will be able to move through and interact with. Visitors will also be able to try to create a virtual reality painting of their own. 

For the first time in Singapore, Artists will be 3D printing the artworks created in virtual reality, modelled in Fusion 360 by Autodesk, connecting them to the internet using Intel Genuino technology and exhibiting them, so visitors will have the chance to interact with them both virtually, via Bluetooth and in real life. Using Unity and Vuforia, our Artists will bring existing 2D and 3D artwork to life and create a site-specific engaging Augmented Reality experience focused on the sustainable development of people and our planet.