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Vinesh Nagrani is a Singaporean born caramelized complexioned performative phenomenon. His inclination towards unnecessary verbosity has been a lucrative tool in inspiring confusion amongst many unorthodox jews and achieving unheard of bargains at Fu Lu Shou Complex. As the proud Founder of Vinny Sharp, the Economics graduate has paved for himself a platform to express and perform the surreal, insanity and animalism that mainstream templates have been so apprehensive towards accommodating. His organic rise in popularity through out the wide span of his developing years has landed himself many social perks, one of which includes limitless complimentary entry and drinks in the Nightlife in Singapore. 

The true Hallmark of a successful Singaporean. 

As a one man creative and managerial powerhouse, this positively manipulative bearded specimen is responsible for many online documentary pieces that have amassed hundreds of thousands of views yet achieved a cumulative revenue stream highly disproportionate to the steep measure of this man’s talent.

Adam Smith and his ‘free market theory’ nonsense.

A core principle that underlies the root of all artistic endeavors is his aspiration to solve intellectual inequality in society. For unlike income inequality, education can be ubiquitously afforded to all at a much lower cost and solve infinitely more. For the acquisition of money consistently fails in achieving what only education can. That is true appreciation. 

However, alike the rest of all mortals, Vinesh is prone to certain flaws. Yes. As sexually ambidextrous as the man is, he is an immense failure when it comes to small talk and parallel parking. His biggest weakness is being innately more concerned about what people don't say, rather than what people do. For he believes it is the silence between beats that is equivalently responsible for harmony and rhythm. Vinesh is neither a CEO, managing director, nor has he had any experience in the wafer fabrication industry that Singaporean is so popularly known for. From the ages of 7 to 14, he completely misconstrued the difference between shampoo and conditioner. He hasn’t climbed Mount Kilimanjaro nor solved the enigma of cooking the right amount of pasta. Apart from that. 

The man is sheer perfection. On and off the Wimbledon courts. 

It is with some measure of free will and a pinch of emotional black mail has he committed to stand in as the Master of Ceremony at the IMI Festival. 

Consistently fashioning sarcastic nuance and monochrome apparel, in conjunction with the likes of Helena Wasserman, will be at your service in curating the talks at the Inspiration stage. 

He eagerly looks forward to your presence, and most important of all, his complimentary Bloody Mary.

Catch him on the 18th.

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